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Hi! First time poster and all that jazz.
This is more a request for advice, with a bit of a back story)

(It's a little bit long)

As a previously terrified being, I have been more than unwilling to submit to metal being pushed through flesh, as much as I desired the bars which would follow. However, with the hep of a few good friends, I went in search of a piercing facility in Canterbury in which I could recieve the piercings I was looking for.

On 3 seperate occasions over the span of five or six months, I recieve piercings from this shop. 3 seperate piercers give me new holes in my ears, and they each give me identical instructions as to how to keep these clean and help them heal. I am all about the quick healing. On my third trip I recieve a slightly unusual piercing, known as a snug, in my right ear. This is where things start going wrong.

I follow all instructions about cleaning this piercing. I have my hair pinned back THE WHOLE TIME. My mum helps me wsh it to keep shmpoo ect out of it. I sleep on my left side anyway and don't roll in my sleep (everyone who hs ever shared a bed with me verifies this fact) i don't play with it. When I am out drinking, or with small children, I tape it up so nothing happens to it. I baby this thing. It refuses to heal. I then trawl the internet and BME. I follow the advice given there. I take eccinachea(sp?), put teatree on every other day.It's still not healing.

At this point, I'm thinking it's something I've done- I've not blamed the shop, even if I have gone in slightly panicked once or six times. Each time they say "you must be knocking it, use sea salt soaks" Uh, when am i knocking it?? But ok, I'll try the soaks. Still nothing. Five months go by, the other piercing in the same ear starts to play up, and another friend of mine takes me to a different studio.

The guy is shocked by what he sees. A giant puss filled thing over the exit hole of my piercing. Due to a poor piercing. What?!

I paid £25 for this thing... what do you mean a poor piercing?!

Apparently the bar that had been put in was wrong. A curved bar in a hole made by a straight needle. And a low grade bar. Which is too short. And in a bad place. Good for migration and rejection.

Ah. Ok.

I'm obviously nearly in tears. This piercing has a lot of meaning to me. I am not about to lose it!!

This guy changes the bar to a flexy bar (using a straight bar at this point will just do more damage) and the material is better for me.

I'm now asking the advice of this community. What should I do about the first place? According to the second guy, he sees this sort of thing all the time! I don't want more people to suffer because of this store...

Advice me?

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