Miss N (celerygirl) wrote in bad_service,
Miss N

two times the bad service

Hey there. I've been lurking around for awhile, and this is my first post. exciting, no?
Anyway, neither of these are particularly terrible, but both are supremely annoying.

The first- United States Postal Service.
I live in a small-ish apartment building. Three stories, six apartments per entrance. Not very difficult. But because I live in a big city, the apartment company refuses to let us put our names on the front of our little mailboxes. When I first moved in, I thought that was nice- the company is looking out for our safety! How nice!
Yeah, right.
As of now, the post office has stopped delivering my mail. FOR THE FIFTH TIME IN TEN MONTHS. They keep claiming that my name is not on the inside of my mailbox. . . which is it. Two rather large labels on the inside of the front mailbox door, and a large label on the bottom of the mailbox with my name on it. My full name. No mistake. I check my mail every day, and it's not like there's ever mail sitting there for weeks- which, coincidentally, the post office claims that I have done. The official line they give me is "we didn't know you were still living there, we thought you had moved out!". Why they thought this, I don't know. My apartment company doesn't know, either, but they have still refused to let me put my name on the outside of the mailbox.
I think it may be time for a UPS store box. . . .at least then I'd get my bills. Ugh.

The second thing, which is just more annoying than anything. .
Dunkin' Donuts. I LOVE bagels. and coffee. and one morning, on my way to work, I was starving and didn't have any cash. Lucky me, I had my handy lil' debit card. I stopped into Dunkin' Donuts and ordered a bagel and a medium coffee. The total is $3.06. I handed the cashier my debit card, he ran it through and then COMPLIMENTED ME ON MY CHEST. Gross, I know. But the worst is yet to come- then he looks at the reciept which I am about to sign and says, "oops, I only charged you six cents". He tries to run my card again, and then calls over his big manager when it doesn't work. the manager starts yelling at ME, and tells me I have to pay her in cash, which I don't have. Lucky for me, some wonderful gentleman behind me gives her three dollars to shut up, and tells me to "pay it forward". I thanked him profusely and vowed never to go to that Dunkin' Donuts again.
But still- if I had made a mistake, I'd have admitted it right away and tried to make it up. But it was the cashier who made the mistake- he charged me the wrong amount, probably because he was staring at my chest. Sigh.
People make my head hurt.
Thanks for reading, and for letting me get that out. This community is quite therapeutic.

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