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I am posting this in all pet communities because I think this is informative for pet lovers. If you would like it deleted please just say so.

I advise you do NOT buy from /

I recently bought two pet ID tags online from /, the lettering is uneven, some of the letters are so close together they touch & the brand new out of the envelope tags already have scratches on them. Because I was so unhappy with the product that I received, I emailed the company asking to be able to return the product & be refunded

"I am very unhappy with the two ID tags I ordered for my cats. The letters are uneven, some run into each other and the tag itself already had minor scratches on it when I pulled it out of the envelope. I would like a refund, what do I need to do to achieve this?

Laurel R. (Order No: 007669)"

Laurel, this is how stamped stainless steel tags look. We've sold millions of them. You probably should have ordered an engraved plastic or aluminum tag.
Brooks 904-819-0210

"When I ordered the tags I was not informed that the stainless steel tags would come with uneven lettering, letters running together & scratches, you probably should include that information on your site if you expect the buyer to know it. I would like a refund for my ID tags. Please tell me what I need to do to achieve this.

Laurel R."

We've already remade your tag in aluminum.

"I do not want another tag in aluminum, I want a refund please.

Laurel R."

Sorry no refund.

"Your website says that you offer a refund. I have been very civil about this whole thing. When I ordered from you I expected a quality product & I did not receive one. I am unhappy with the product I received. I do not want you to make me another one, especially since I never asked for that to begin with. & I do not want you to tell me what I should have ordered & that this is how stainless steel tags look. I have seen other stainless steel tags, and they did not come with scratches & poor lettering. I want my money refunded.

Laurel R."

Website does not say we offer a refund.

"Your website said you offered a refund and that you may have to keep 45% of the amount to cover postage & such. I looked before I emailed you. I am setting up a complaint with the BBB. I do not see why this is such a problem.

Laurel R."

Info page says . . .All returns must be pre-approved and are subject to a 45% return fee - our costs for labor, material, postage, processing fees, advertising etc. We do not approve your retuning tags, not a reasonable request. Tags were checked before sending, they were not scratched, the lettering is stamped. This is my last email. Brooks

Am I completely dense or did he tell me they don't offer refunds, and then explain the refund policy to me?

The tags were sent to me in an everyday white envelope loose, not taped down or anything. Well no wonder they were fine when they left the place & scratched when they got here, but sorry, 'they looked fine when they left' isn't an excuse in my book.

This is the most unprofessional company I have ever delt with. I've bought things from 15 year olds on ebay that were more considerate of the buyers needs/wants. I am still trying, calmly, to get my money refunded, I have filed a complaint with the BBB & am posting this all over the web. If anyone has any ideas on another way to try & get my money back it would be most appreciated & please feel free to email the guy to let him know what you think of how he treats his customers.
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