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Krista Sweatervest

a continuation of awful customer service.

I'd like to inform everyone here about Neighborhoodies and their horrid customer service and products.

I apologize for this lengthy entry, but I know of a lot of people that have ordered from there before. If you're going to make a purchase, please think again.

I wrote a letter to Neighborhoodies for their poor service. It goes as follows:

Date: 06/01/2006
I made an order two months ago and I have yet to see it. On the F.A.Q. I read that the average order takes about 2-3 weeks to ship. I understand that you have many orders that need to be processed and made, but I am very dissatisfied. I ordered a simple silk-screened shirt for my brother's birthday which has come and gone (May 10). The email that I received stated that the estimated arrival date was May 3. Receiving an email telling me that the shirt was going to take longer than anticipated would have been greatly appreciated, but I didn't receive anything.

Is there any way to cancel my order and get a refund?

Order Number: 98640
Detailed Invoice: (link)
Date Ordered: Wednesday 05 April, 2006

Thank you,


Oh, wait! It gets better!

I waited for 14 days for a promised response that never came.

Finally after TWO MONTHS I received the shirt. At this time I didn't want it anymore, I had purchased my brother another birthday present. I opened it up to find that a thick, black hair was running through the tail of the silk-screened whale and the hair was coming out of both ends. It was disgusting. The silk screen wasn't able to fully adhere to the fabric so the silk screen was falling off!

At this point I was livid and wanted to speak to an actual person. I went on their website and found out that there was no phone number to call. I could only write a letter, send a fax, or write an email. I decided to call their store in Brooklyn, NY for their headquarters. I received a phone number and I was given the voicemail box of a Michael de Zayas, the CEO and founder of Neighborhoodies. I refused to leave a message, so I called until Michael answered. I explained to him how I had waited for over a month and wrote a letter to his company that was was promised to be responded to in a timely manner. I also spoke to him about the horrible quality of his product and how I wanted a refund. He asked me to send a picture to him in an email. When he said that he made me feel like a liar. I only had a camera phone at the time, so I did as well as I could.

The messages go as follows:


I recently spoke with you on the phone in regards to my order. I am sending an attachment of a picture I took with my camera phone. As you can see there is a piece of dark hair that runs through the silkscreen. I used pieces of white paper so it was easier to see. I apologize for the pictures poor quality, but it is all I have access to at this time.

I sent an email to Neighborhoodies on June 1st. I never received a message in response although according to the website I was supposed to.

(Insert aforementioned email to Neighborhoodies)

Today when I received the shirt I was shocked to see that it was defective. I am disappointed with the service, delivery, and product. I would like to return this shirt and receive a full refund.

Thank you,


He then responded with:


So do you want a refund or a replacement?


Michael de Zayas

Founder & CEO


I then told him I wanted a refund.

That was one month ago.

I have yet to see a refund or another email from him or Neighborhoodies.
I plan on placing a complaint with the BBB.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with this company.
It's sad that something so simple can get so messed up.
I strongly suggest you purchase your customized articles of clothing from another company.
I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

I've recently purchased a digital camera.
Here is a picture of the hair running through the silkscreen.
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