rowancrisp (rowancrisp) wrote in bad_service,

At wit's end...

This isn't so much bad service as "PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP".

I've been getting a call - three, four times a day - from a place calling itself IntelliServices, Canada. I have NO idea what they're about, as I have never ONCE spoken to a live person. The phone will ring, I will pick up, and after about thirty seconds of silence, I am hung up on.

I've called back, to no avail - my requests to be taken off their calling list or at least SPEAK to me have been ignored, and there's no way to speak to a live human.

I need some way to get in touch with these people, and I haven't had any luck with google.

Help. Before I have to drive up to Canada and threaten to urinate on their floor to get them to knock it off. :(
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