Allison (allykatb) wrote in bad_service,

Residence annoyance

So, I'm going to Ontario for school in the fall. I live in Alberta, so I need to live in residence. I lived there last year and, while the residence people were annoying, everything was okay.

I got an email from one of my roommates from last year saying that she had recieved a cleaning bill. This is basically what it said

room #112.
unit cleaned by contractor($350 divided among 4 roommates) $87.5
bedroom carpet cleaned $40.0
kitchen window screen damaged($40 divided among 4 roommate) $10.0
total: $137.5 for each person.
appeals for this invoice will not be accepted beyond July 15, 2006 and will be reviewed starting August 1, 2006. student will be notified of results in August 2006.

Now, I admit, the carpet was a mess. But it was a mess when we moved in. We said so on the form we filled out during the walk through. Same with the window. Anyway, our phase is being renovated this summer, including new carpet, so why did they need to clean it? Also, I was under the impression that, when my don signed me out, the house was clean. She said it was. Had I been told that the carpets needed to be cleaned, I would have stayed longer and done so. However, since I was never told such, I left.

Please note the last part of the letter, saying that appeals are due July 15th. That's this Saturday. I still don't have the letter with this bill. I phoned residence and made sure that it still applied to me, but I don't have a physical letter. Not even an email. I sent the appeal off today, but even with overnight delivery it might not get there on time. I figure I'm going to call them again tomorrow and say that I still don't have the bill and that, as such, I shouldn't have had to submit my appeal until I got it. How they expect me to have been able to appeal without the letter is beyond me. But there is no way I'm paying $137.50 for damage I didn't do.
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