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Crooks in the U.S. Postal Service?

Ok, I am REALLY damn tired of this.

I rent video games online from I do this because i can keep them for as long as i want for a fixed fee per month and I get to see which games i really like so i know what to buy and not waste my money on. Anyhoo...

The way it works, Gamefly mails you the game, you keep it for however long, you mail it back, when they get it they send you the next game in your queue. Simple enough, right? Well six months or so ago games i sent back started not getting back to them. Not all the time, but it started becoming more frequent. Gamefly said on a couple cases that it had been scanned at my local post office but they had never received it. So my missing games seemed to stop at my hometown post office.

Fast forward to last month. I receive a Gamefly envelope that has been opened and resealed with postal service stickers, clearly stamped by my local post office. The game that should have been in the envelope was gone. I go to the post office to file a complaint and they brush me off, saying there's nothing they can do. Gamefly sends me a replacement and it gets here fine.

So today, another Gamefly envelope arrives - also opened, taped shut where it was opened and placed into a U.S. Postal Service envelope apologizing for the damage. And the game is missing, again. There is no kind of postmark on the envelope they put the damaged one in so i assume once more that this happened at my local post office.

Now, the Gamefly envelopes were not mangled, like maybe they got caught in a machine - they were neatly slit open along one of the perforations. Someone had to have opened them on purpose. Note i had been a customer of Gamefly for 3 years before this and had never had a single delivery related problem. I don't blame Gamefly at all, clearly something is going on here in the postal system. I've filed a complaint with the U.S. Postal Inspector, since my local post office refused to do anything.
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