Rose (aspencreek) wrote in bad_service,

Is it ever possible to have good service from pharmacies anymore? (okay, I'm sure it is... but I'm not finding any lately.)

I had MAJOR problems with Walgreens a couple of years ago, so I NEVER go there anymore.
So for now I'm going to Safeway. They're usually nice, but lately they've been screwing up a lot. A couple of examples.

My mom had pneumonia a few months ago, and was put on a heavy duty anti-biotic. They didn't TELL us that they were short pills, and so she took what she thought was a full dose, and it wasn't. So she got sicker. This dumb lady they hired kind of recently is causing all this bad service. She didn't inform us when we picked up the pills that they were short some and would have more for us later. And no note on the bag or anything.

Then Monday I dropped off a prescription for some toothpaste. (Strange, I know, but true.) And the SAME stupid lady takes the script, verifies all the information, and I pick up my stuff in about 30 minutes. I had phoned in some refills too, so that day I picked up 3 bags of pills/stuff.

Yes, I didn't check then and there, and I will from now on. But I get home and my toothpaste is NOT there, and a refill for some cough syrup that I never requested is. What the hell??

Lessons learned of course. Check what you have before you walk out of the store... but then ALSO count all the pills when you get home anyways. I'm sure I've seen some Dateline or something where they short you on large doses of pills, and people never really know it.
I wish they would fire that lady.
And I also wish I could find a nice pharmacy that really goes out of their way for good customer service.
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