Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Bank suckiness

This is my first bad service entry and hopefully my last.

My husband and I have our checking and savings accounts through Old National Bank. We chose that bank because they had one in the town that my husband used to work in and they have one in the town that he works in now. Usually we don't have a problem..that was until last month at least.

We moved into our new place in March. The week that we moved my hubby and I went to the bank and did a change of address on all of our accounts. That went through without a problem. We've been receiving all of our statements like we should be.

On June 19th I had my husband stop and order checks on his way home from work. I told him to make sure that he got the free checks that came with our account. Last time he got checks that we had to pay for like a goof ball. I called him from the doctor's office to make sure he ordered the ones that he was supposed to and he said he ordered the ones that came with the account. I made him call the bank and make sure that he ordered the free checks. They told him that he did.

Cut to today. Almost a month later.

Joe stops by the bank to cash his paycheck and I tell him to see where are checks are. They are supposed to take between 7 and 14 days and its been almost a month. The teller looks up our account and low and behold, the checks had been sent to our old address. ERG. What's even worse is, they CHARGED us for the checks. The asshole who did the order didn't bother to double check our information or change the checks that we wanted. They just did a flat out reorder.

So now I don't know if the people who live in our old house have our checks or what. They didn't get forwarded here and they didn't get sent back to the bank. The teller asked one of the higher ups if they would refund our money if the checks got sent back and they said no. They told Joe that they were going to try to figure out who did the order and get things straightened out. They told him to go ahead and go and that they would call when they knew something.

I still haven't heard from them and they technically closed an hour ago. I'll be damned if I have to pay for the checks that they ordered when they weren't supposed to. They better call me first thing in the morning or there will be hell to pay.


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