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HSBC make pumpkin want smash!

First of a series, I assure you ...

Before I graduated college and came home for the summer, I went to my branch HSBC and told them to change my addresses on all of my accounts to my home address (parents house). They gave me a sheet to fill out and I ticked off to change my checking, savings AND overdraft account to my home address. Thinking all was well and dandy, I didn't think about it after that.

That was in May.

So I'm always the first to admit that I don't balance my checkbook adequately. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I refuse to admit that I live paycheck to paycheck. Either way, I have overdraft for just such a mistake. Today I check my checking account and I'm overdrawn $59. Whoops! I take a peek at my overdraft to make sure I've got enough credit to cover the overdrawn-ness, and I notice that while I do have enough credit, it says no funds are available.

Blink, blink.

I call the bank and they inform me that they put a hold on my account because my statements were being returned to them. Apparently, in order to get YOU to call THEM about the problem, they just go ahead and stick a hold on your account and don't allow any more pending charges. (It surely allowed payment, though, from a transfer from my savings account!) The woman takes the hold off after I verify/supply the address [after informing her that I changed it back in May] and she increases my credit line for some reason.

I call the checking account customer service number, and I ask her if I can have that negative number transferred over to my overdraft. She explained, vaguely, about Overdraft Fees (which I believe is only $5) and Insufficient Funds Fee (which is $30), and that I had $90 pending on my account, but she couldn't see for what and that I could call back tomorrow and find out what it was.

I have a feeling that $90 is an Insufficient Funds Fee x3 because the credit company didn't change my address.

Tomorrow, I get to call them and tell them to shove that $90 up their ass and that I'm switching to Washington Mutual.

The bad service wasn't the people I spoke to or anything, they were all nice I suppose, but I can't believe this crap. I live paycheck to paycheck over the summer (Gods bless student loan refunds) and this shit will NOT fly.
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