Stuart Carter (goose_entity) wrote in bad_service,
Stuart Carter

Bad service in Nevada from Telemarketer scum

For all you legitimate telemarketers out there, this kind of company is responsible for all the abuse you get at the hands of the people you telephone.

I got a phone call yesterday at about 1750 from


which merely identified itself as being from "Las Vegas, NV". It was an automated telespam for satellite TV - annoying in itself, as we have another 28 days before our FCC Do Not Call registration happens.

Additional annoyance - there was no option to press to be removed from the calling list, only an option to speak to a CSR. By this time I am triply annoyed - telespammed, automated telespam, no opt-out option. So I press the speak to CSR button.

I will admit I was annoyed and possibly unnecessarily forceful - I hate spam, I hate telespam, I will NEVER - *NEVER* - buy a product that is spammed to me. But this is when the CSR turned an annoyance into anger.

Instead of doing what a legitimate company would do - "sorry, will add you to our do not call list" - he proceeded to be abusive, mocking, sarcastic, imitate a hold queue, speak in falsetto, and so forth.

I am sure there are legitimate telemarketers. I am sure some of them read this list. If so, please try to find out who this company is and get them kicked into touch. Google reveals a lot of people having had the same problem with this company, and having the same problem I am in trying to identify them.

Anyone else's Google-fu able to reveal the company behind 702-430-4444? (When I called 702-430-4000 I got "Alamo Plaza, so I am assuming this is one of those hosted office suite type places.)

For the legitimate telemarketers out there, I repeat - this company is, to me, no better than the people who email "v1@gr@" ads, and are responsible for me pledging to NEVER buy ANY product or service advertised by telespam, so they have cost you my business, plus the business of anyone whom I will talk about my experiences with.
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