Sarah {aka SarahCB1208} (sarahcb1208) wrote in bad_service,
Sarah {aka SarahCB1208}

Wright City, MO McDonald's

Yesterday, while driving from Evansville, IN to Topeka, KS (made it in 9.5 hours), we stopped in Wright City, MO for some food, and a potty break.
The McDonald's inside was just awful. The one who took my fiance's order didn't give him drink cups until he had to ask for them. The kid (couldn't be more than 17) was more interested in what was on the plasma tv sitting in front of the registers (on the wall).
The registers had to be banged to get them to work. It took 20 minutes for our food to come out (quarter pounder, ranch bacon grilled chicken, and 2 chicken nugget happy meals. We asked for here, and got it all in to-go crap bags (though the ones after us who ordered to go got for here packaging O.o). The management there didn't even seem to know what the hell they were doing.

So, if you're driving through MO, skip Wright City, and go for Warrenton or Wentzville. We've done both of those, and those seem to have their acts together.
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