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hair salon service - gripe and question

i have very thick hair. people i work with who have thin hair always tell me they'd love to have my hair (tho honestly i don't think they would). to get it fully unknotted would take like two hours. i usually spend ten mins and that gets the tangles out, but if i run a comb through two mins later, i have more snags. it has broken the teeth off picks and claw clips. i can't use anything constituting a brush or the brush will get knotted in it. i finally found those combs made for thick hair and they help but it's still a pain. washing it takes two rounds and i can only condition the ends because i have combination hair (oily scalp, dry ends). in short, it's a pain in my ass. if i could shave my head and still look good, i'd do it.

gripe/bad service:
i've had it thinned before. it worked great while it lasted. but that stylist charges way too much for just a trim (not including a thinning) so i'm forced to go other places. whenever i go to get it trimmed, i've asked constantly for it to be thinned some. but now of the two places i go, they refuse. the stylist at one place claims it's not good for my hair type. the other (the owner of this particular place) told me it won't grow back properly, will make my hair stringy and gave me some shit about not having time to deal with the possibility of a frivolous lawsuit, implying that i didn't know how i wanted to keep my hair.

i understand i could go back to the more expensive stylist since she doesn't give me shit about what I want done with what's on MY frigging head, but is there anything i can say to get the people at the other place(s) to do what i'd like done? thinning my hair will not butcher it, and i'm not the suing-over-minor-crap type. but i'm sick of never having untangled hair no matter how much i brush it and all the other irritations that come with it. having a little less hair a few times out of the year would do me good.

FYI note - all the hair places in town are small businesses--there are no corporations like Supercuts or anything where i can complain to someone higher up about their refusal to do as i ask with my hair.

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