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Formal Complaint against my treatment team

First off, thanks to everyone who commented to my last post. I'm overwhelmed, touched, and encouraged. I'm doing much better when I posted, although the treatment team finally provoked me into filing a formal complaint.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

To: BehaviorCorp
From: BeckAtsila
Re: Concerns About Treatment

I, BeckAtsila, do solemnly affirm is true:
• That I have been receiving treatment from Valerie Treacy, NP, and Dr. Barbara Wightman,
• That in the course of this treatment I have developed some concerns,
• That I have not received satisfaction by addressing the concerns with either of them or Ms. Treacy’s supervisor, Dr. James W. Nicholas,
• That my concerns fall under two categories: a hospitalization lasting from April 30, 2006 to May 5, 2006, and lack of concern and action over symptoms I suffered during the month of June, culminating in a hospitalization.

Hospitalization lasting from 4/30/3006-5/5/2006

I solemnly affirm the following is true:
• That on 4/25/06 I told Ms. Treacy I was hearing voices and in a constant dark mood,
• That on 4/25/06 I told Dr. Wightman I was hearing voices, wanted to blow things up for the sole purpose of blowing them up, and that I began laughing when I started talking about how this would terrorize my current residence of Zionsville,
• That Ms. Treacy stated these symptoms were due to a personality disorder,
• That Ms. Treacy told me to quit saying things to get a reaction,
• That Ms. Treacy said I must like the darkness and that I must not be taking my medication, even though I was taking my medication,
• That Dr. Wightman told me to watch a comedy or go for a walk,
• That my medication was not changed,
• That I did not sign a no-suicide or no-homicide contract,
• That I later in the week began setting off fireworks sporadically, attempted to blow up a soda can, and attempted to ignite petroleum jelly,
• That in spite of the above I was not evaluated nor was my medication increased,
• That on 4/30/06 I arrived at church paranoid, delusional, suffering from visual and auditory hallucinations, and suicidal,
• That my church friends took me to the hospital, where I was admitted,
• That I believe if my medication had been increased on 4/25/06 I would not have been hospitalized,
• That I expressed this belief to Dr. James W. Nicholas, who stated that Ms. Treacy is “a good NP” and that she acted appropriately.

Lack of concern and action over June symptoms

I solemnly affirm the following is true:
• That on 5/31/06, I reported to Dr. Wightman that I was having trouble telling fantasy from reality, and that she reported this to Dr. Nicholas,
• That Dr. Nicholas told Dr. Wightman to tell me to “acknowledge those thoughts without judging them” and to use “coping skills” to remain aware of reality,
• That on 6/09/06 I told Ms. Treacy and Dr. Wightman “I’m paranoid and homicidal” and was told to take a hot bath and listen to some music,
• That on 6/20/06 my mother told Dr. Wightman that I was suffering from symptoms of depression, and that she discussed referring me to continuing services
• That on 6/22/06 both my mother and I told Ms. Treacy I was suffering from symptoms of depression, and that Ms. Treacy stated “That’s the problem with bright people. They come up with all kinds of things because they’re bright.”,
• That on 6/22/06 Ms. Treacy informed me of a diagnosis of schizotypal disorder, which she described as “severe borderline”,
• That on 6/27/06 I informed Dr. Wightman I was having thoughts of suicide and had two plans, and that she did nothing other than give me a lecture on coping skills,
• That on 6/29/06 I was admitted to the hospital,
• That I believe if Ms. Treacy or Dr. Wightman had taken me seriously at any time during the month in which I told them I was suffering symptoms the hospitalization could have been avoided,
• That I expressed this belief to Dr. Brett Presley, Paul (a social worker), and several staff members at Community North.

I solemnly affirm that I can, at your request, produce witnesses to both incidents.

This kind of treatment is unacceptable. Therefore, I request an apology and that my chart be amended to show these facts. I also request that Ms. Treacy and Dr. Wightman receive suicide prevention and crisis intervention training. I also request that my case be transferred to a treatment team that will take me seriously and treat me with respect. If you are unable to do this, please refer me elsewhere for services.



Questions? Comments? Snide remarks?
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