Erin (tender_star) wrote in bad_service,

Apartment Complex / Water Bill

At my apartment complex we have always paid the water bill directly to the complex. In the last 7-8 months or so they changed companies and started requiring us to pay it with the rent, which is due by the third. We had a mortgage broker call the apartments to verify payment history - we haven't been late.

According to the apartment complex we've been late once in the past year - but only on the water bill. This is crap. In the last year the only thing that made us late was them changing companies. We didn't get a bill one month (which they told us would happen, and the next month double billed).

Our bill is always around $20 per month, so I always just add that to the rent check because rarely have we even received the bill by the 3rd. This month I did the same thing, and when b/f got home and told me what they'd said I got this months bill out.

I had not previously opened it, and stupidly I teared it apart.

Bill Created: 6/29
Bill Due: 7/1

Amount: $19.28

Postmark on the bill: 7/3

I am almost positive one of the issues listed is the reason for the "late" water bill.

I'm frustrated. This is really the only bill that I actually have my name on, and I have *no* actual credit score.

B/f is going to talk to apartment complex tommorow, and hopefully mortgage guy will be o.k. with it (he's a family friend...but still).

What else can be done?
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