Pav (pavlovskitty) wrote in bad_service,

Primacare Primabitch

I had to take my olderbeast to Primacare clinic yesterday since her pediatrician's office is closed for the week, and she was crying about her ear.

1. Do no f**k with a mother who's child is in pain.

Now that we have that established. After the Primatwat at the front desk took my daughter's info, I overheard her on the phone with my insurance company. I went to the desk to ask what the problem was, and she told me that they had been instructed to charge an emergency room visit copay ($30 more expensive), but that there were exclusions and she was checking on them. Now, I had just been there less than two weeks ago, and had paid the normal office $20 copay. She then tells me that I will be charged my deductible first ($200) since for olderbeast I hadn't met it. WTF?

I ask what had changed in two weeks since I was last there. She told me that they had a meeting, and had been billing Aetna incorrectly. I told her that Aetna processed the last claim fine, and if it were incorrect, I would have a balance owed, which I do not. She told me that it could take up to a month to process the claim. I told her that I check my claims regularly through a self-service site, and that it had processed fine. Primawhore continues to tell me whatever nonsense, and I tell her I would call Aetna. I grab my phone, and she spouts that she's *on* the phone with Aetna right now.

I ignore her. I get customer service for the insurance company who asks if I'm at an emergency room, and I tell them exactly where I am. They say, $20. Right at that time, I hear Primabitch say, "There was a mistake - it is just $20." I tell the woman on the phone she had made a mistake, and that it was taken care of.

Primatwat then says, "*I* didn't make a mistake, blahdeblah, meeting, supervisor, Aetna, bladeblah." My jaw drops. She continues to tell me why it wasn't her mistake, but some unknown force that had grabbed her tongue and caused her to give me bad information. I finally look at her and tell her she has ego issues, and should just run my copay. She continues. I tell her just run my copay. She won't shut up. I say, "Stop lecturing me, and just run my card!"

She returns with my cc slip, and with her Primapoptart sweet smile, says, "Sign at the bottom, and there's no need to be rude."

Jaw again. I say, "excuse me," as apparently I'm the one with the ear problems here, not my daughter. She repeats herself. I say, "You're telling me not be rude? I've asked you to stop, and you won't stop! Stop talking to me!" She grins her Primapornstar smile and says through her teeth, "yes ma'am!"

I almost went through the glass at her. My daughter asked why she was doing that, so I got to have a nice long conversation about admitting when you were wrong, and customer service. Thank Gods the nurse was a doll to balance out the Primacunt.
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