Rouk (roukzeptea23) wrote in bad_service,

A couple of weeks ago, I was getting gas on my way to work. I was trying to use my credit card at the pump (since paying at the pump is so convenient and nice) but the pump wouldn't take my card. When I slid it through, it would say something like "processing" for a while and then would tell me that it couldn't take in my card and that I needed to try again. After a few tries, I went to the attendant for help. Our conversation went like this:
Me: *explains problem exactly like it happened*
Attendant: *in broken English* No, you need to hit "credit", not "debit".
Me: It didn't give me an option to choose between credit or debit, it tells me it can't take my card before that.
Attendant: Hit CREDIT, not DEBIT!
Me: *politely explains again how it didn't give me a choice, but declined my card before that*
Attendant: *takes my card out of my hand and scans it through. this time it goes through to the 'credit or debit' screen. maybe I just wasn't scanning it correctly* Hit credit! No debit!!
Me: Oh, it didn't take me to this screen before. It stopped and told me that it couldn't read my card before this screen. I must have not scanned it through right.
Attendant: *as if I were very stupid* You hit debit! No debit!! You must hit credit! *walks off*
I'm glad we got it to work, but it was frustrating that he didn't seem to understand what I was saying and that he was speaking in very broken English so we weren't communicating well. It was also annoying that he treated me like I was an idiot even though I clearly explained that the problem was not that I was hitting debit instead of credit but that the real problem was that it didn't even take me to that screen in the first place. :(

I was there getting gas again this morning and I got the pump that was right by attendant's booth. The same guy (I think) was in the booth and gave two other customers some problems. I managed to scan my card right and pay at the pump with no problems, thankfully.

The first customer was a lady who had prepaid for $10 (at this station you have to prepay with a credit card at the pump or with cash given to the attendant). For some reason, the pump let the lady pump more than $10 and it went a little over $10 before she noticed and stopped the pump. The lady didn't seem happy about this (because aren't pumps supposed to stop at the amount you paid for if you prepay?) but she had gone up to the window to pay extra amount. She explained this situation to the attendant (which is easy enough to understand, especially since he took her $10) but he was trying to make her pay the whole amount for the gas. She explained to him that she already handed him $10 when she prepaid so she just needed to pay the total cost minus the $10. He kept insisting that she pay the total amount, without the $10 she already paid taken out! It took forever for her to get him to understand that she had already paid for $10 of the gas.

The second customer just wanted some cigarettes. He very clearly and slowly stated what brand he wanted. The attendant picked up the wrong kind. This wouldn't be bad service (because mistakes do happen) except that this went on a few times while the customer clearly stated over and over what he wanted and the attendant just kept trying to hand off the wrong cigarettes to him.

When an employee works with customers, it's important that the employee can communicate with the customers. It's really frustrating to a customer to try to deal with an employee that really cannot communicate well at all.

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