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I posted a few days ago so I hope you don't think I'm spamming but I have a question.

I have bought a computer from them before and its never buggered up and its still going strong, and this laptop is GOOD. It's gotta last me until the end of my degree, so I went and got the best one my mum and I could afford together. I don't know the type or anything but its got a 80gb hdd, 2x512mb RAM, all-dvd reader, 6-in-1 card reader, and fingerprint scanner. And the lid is bright blue, haha.

But one day the fingerprint scanner wouldn't work. It wouldn't let me or my other authorised user [my boyfriend] scan in so we had to use the alternative passwords we set up. I called up Officeworks and they said, yep, it was only released at those stores at the start of the year so even without a receipt its still obviously under warranty, but to bring everything back in and they'll fix it for me, but I'll have to pay a $60 fee if I don't have the original receipt.

Now when I bought it my mum and I asked to speak to the store manager about the receipt, because I paid some with cash and she put the rest on credit, and she had to send the original receipt off for the salary-sacrifice stuff she got with it [so she doesn't have to pay it all upfront, they take a bit out of her wage every week] so he agreed and wrote on the original receipt to accept photocopies. And trust me, we got like 100 photocopies. AND he signed the copies we made in-store straightaway.

Well, the store manager has left and the new one won't accept the photocopied receipt. I have since fixed the fingerprint scanner [it just had to be reset a few times, sometimes things like that just screw up according to my father, who is a geek] but I don't know what to do if the laptop breaks down for good- I can live without a fingerprint scanner, but I can't live without a monitor in it, yknow? Especially as we paid $2100 for it. Is it worth contacting Toshiba directly, or going above the store manager's head? If we absolutely have to, we can cancel the salary sacrifice [preferably not] and get the original receipt back off my mum's company she works for, but first I want an idea of what rights I have with a certified copy of the receipt [the dude signed all the copies but the new one still won't accept it]. I have everything to do with the laptop, all the papers are filed away safely, and there is NO chance of this baby being misused or damaged delibrately. My insurance company accepted the copy of the receipt and they will replace it outright if it gets stolen or damaged, so I don't see why a technician can't call up the store and verify that I bought it there [I work at Target so we have the same sort of systems, and there is a customer log so you can search for the transaction] then fix it without charging me a $60 'service fee'.

Thanks in advance for any help ^^

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