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I wonder if this can be called bad service...

This morning, my mother went to work.

On the way there, she was rear-ended. By a huge landscaping truck/van thing. Thankfully, she is okay, but her little Honda Civic is a bit banged up and the trunk doesn't close properly.

The suck? The man refused to stick around for the police to come and didn't want to give his insurance info to my mother. He only stayed after my mother informed him that she wrote down his plate number and would report him for leaving the scene of a crime. The policeman made him give over his info. He was also given a ticket for not having a permit for some of his equipment and fertilizers.

And this guy was representing his company and acting like that. The kicker was the side of the truck it advertised the friendly service of the company.

I just thought it was incredibly ironic.
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