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Frickin' substitute UPS driver.

Hiya. Been lurking for a while (and taking notes on which companies to avoid), but this is my first post here.

UPS just delivered a bed that we ordered. Said bed is in two long, flat, heavy boxes. There's no way in HELL I can maneuver even one of them. Each individual box has a yellow-and-black-striped sticker saying "70 pounds +" and the UPS logo repeatedly.

The UPS guy, not our usual one, brought them up and tried to leave them leaning in my open doorway after expressing happiness that I'm home.

I politely and smilingly asked for a little help maneuvering them -inside- the front door, simply a matter of scootching them a few feet without lifting.

He sulked and said "I dunno. I'm not supposed to be lifting anything over 75 pounds..."

I stared at him in astonishment -- he'd just lugged the two boxes up the walk without using the hand truck I could see in his van -- and said "You're fifty pounds ahead of me!" while motioning to my very noticeable bellyful of baby in my obvious maternity dress. (I'm not supposed to be lifting much over fifteen pounds, to be honest, but I do anyway.)

He grunted and very grudgingly helped me lever them the few feet against the wall just inside the door, then slunk off giving me unpleasant backwards looks the entire time.

Gee, I guess it's my fault that I dared to be pregnant and receiving a heavy shipment that he didn't want to use his hand truck for. (I was going to offer him the use of ours until I saw the one in his truck.)

What a nasty, nasty little man.

(As for why I needed help maneuvering them the few feet, both boxes are taller than me and I'd run the risk of them falling on me without someone to spot. Plus I was herding four cats away from the door. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.)

ETA: I should elaborate -- when he delivered it, he propped the boxes in the open doorway on the hinge side, holding the door wide open -- it was physically impossible to close the door even a little without moving the boxes in or out. In was easier by that point, as they'd already been lifted up to floor level and going back down to the porch would have required a drop. I would have been perfectly happy if he'd just left them completely outside leaning against the house.

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