earthendenim (earthendenim) wrote in bad_service,

Oh, Golden Arches...

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm writing to inform you of an extremely frustrating incident at the McDonald's drive-through in Cedar Springs, Michigan (located at 4141 17 Mile Road, Cedar Springs, MI 49319).

Yesterday (July 4), my boyfriend and I stopped for an early dinner on our way home from a vacation (about 5:30 p.m.). We pulled into the drive-through lane, and gave our order (a number 2, plain, with a Coke, and a number 11 with a Coke).

However, we then proceeded to wait for nearly 8 minutes to pull up. We noticed that the car behind us ordered, and was then asked, about 3 minutes later, to order again. We paid and reached the second window, and the lady handed me a small bag and one drink. I took a quick look and saw on the receipt that the meal we were given was a Big Mac meal. I handed the bag back inside, informing the lady that this was not our order and repeating what we had paid for; a number 2, plain and a number 11, both with Cokes. The worker tried to argue with me, but I told her again that we had two meals, and she took the bag and drink back and turned away.

There was a good deal of confusion inside; the customers in the car ahead of us had to come inside to get their correct order as well, and the lady at the window was conferring with others making food. I told her again that we had a ten-piece nuggets meal, and a two-cheeseburgers meal, with the cheeseburgers plain and with Cokes.

After another short wait (3-4 minutes), the worker handed me back a single bag containing a ten-piece nugget carton and two cheeseburgers. I had to inform her that we had, in fact, ordered and paid for two meals with Cokes. We waited again while they gathered fries, and finally received all our food and our drinks. By now I was extremely frustrated, and I had to specifically request napkins as well, during which request I admit I became fairly rude and short with the window worker. When we pulled back on to the freeway, my boyfriend asked me why I ordered Diet Coke, which of course I hadn't, but that's what I was given.

I will probably never return to this McDonald's location since it is 3 hours from my home, but your staff there should be reminded of what practices constitute good service, and what is unacceptable. I have no problem with the fact that the order was initially incorrect--mix-ups happen, workers are human, and I can be patient with that.

However, at no time did any of the workers attempt to actually repeat to me what we had, in fact, ordered, and we never did received any apology or even consideration, only harried looks, grabbed bags, and window slams. It took us over 20 minutes to order, pay for our food, repeat ourselves until we got the correct food and leave, and we still did not get precisely what we wanted.

I have patronized various fast-food restaurants, including many McDonald's locations, and have never been so disappointed and frustrated by the level of service received. Please let your workers at this location know that their service was utterly unacceptable. Again, I understand that mistakes happen, but there is no reasonable excuse for the way we were treated, the inside staff's utter incompetence, or the wait we had to endure.

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