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WTFery at its finest

my girlfriend and i went up to greensboro to see her folks and to celebrate her birthday a little bit early. her dad and stepmother took her brother and us took us out to dinner at yon local japanese steakhouse (edit: which apparently was sappporo--i couldn't remember until people started asking where we went.)

cue the WTFery.

it all started with the drink orders. the soft drinks were all jacked up. her father ordered a diet coke--that's not what he got though. i think he ended up with dr. pepper or regular coke. the other two soft drinks were correct (both were regular cokes), at least for that moment in time. her brother and i both ordered beer, and got the beer that we requested.

on to the actual orders: from the hibachi/teppanyaki menu, i ordered sea scallops and shrimp. when the chef arrived to confirm the orders, somehow it was mixed up... he tried to tell me that i ordered the huge special/combo, which was shrimp, steak, chicken, and scallops. that was easily corrected. her father ordered the steak and shrimp with a request of "no mushrooms." guess what he got? that's right--mushrooms.

back to the drinks: the server came around to refill the soft drinks. the two regular cokes were refilled with some substance (which we later determined to be cherry coke). the diet was refilled with dr. pepper. finally, my girlfriend told the server that they both ordered regular coke, and she brought new glasses of regular coke.

all in all: i've never eaten there because i'm not from there. her family said that the service was worse than they're used to from that establishment. mixing up the drink orders and my food order is enough to convince me not to go back. (i blame her dad for not saying to the chef about holding the mushrooms. he told the server, but he should have said something when the chef confirmed our orders. they *are* cooking it right in front of us, yanno?)
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