creepybrat (creepybrat) wrote in bad_service,

Hellooooooooooooooo? Pick up the phone!

Not awful bad service but a little annoying.

I'm trying to find the best price on a TV dvd series. I phoned BestBuy and got the info I needed. I stopped at HMV during my lunch break and got the info I needed...the last place for me to compare the price? Wal*Mart *shudder*

I phoned the store located nearest to my house. I get the automated electronics and let the phone ring 20 times and I hang up.

I figured maybe they are I wait 20 minutes and try again. I let the phone ring 20 times and I hang up. I called another Wal*Mart and the clerk picked up after 3 rings and gave me the info I needed. WTF is wrong with my Wal*Mart? Everyone must be on a break. Anyway...BestBuy has the cheaper price...but I'm going to HMV....I'm not going to run all over hell to save one lousy buck....5 bucks maybe...but not one. lol
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