You can't see me (littleminds) wrote in bad_service,
You can't see me

Domains are free

I bought a domain name last year, for a message board when they were all the rage. I used domainsarefree (Which are NOT free, they do charge) but the domain never "caught on" or registered. I kept emailing them with no reply. so I thought I would be clever and buy the name from Go Daddy, then email domainsarefree telling them they are stealing my money, it is not registered with them, etc.

Needless to say, they never e-mailed me back.

Two days ago, I check my emails, and I have been charged for a domain renewal. That is odd, as I logged into Go Daddy and turned automatic renewal off. Check who the email is from, and it's domainsarefree! So they renewed a domain that is currently registered somewhere else? WTF? Even states that Go Daddy owns it.

What can I do? I have emailed domainsarefree twice now, with no reply. I can't ring them, as they are in America, and I don't want to pay for the phone call to claim $8.99 back. But I want them to stop charging me and give me my money from the first time round, and this time!

My next bout of bad service is from a book company. I joined up because they had a great introductory offer. 99p for a book, and I had to buy x amount of books. Fine by me. So my book came, and I tried to pay. Automatic phone system, wouldn't accept my Visa Electron. Got angry letters from them, kept trying to pay. No, still doesn't like my card. Time passes, I try ringing again, now I am being charged £14.99 AND threatened with a court summons. Now...I don't have another card. They won't let me pay for it! And they tell me this NOW, not before I signed up. How can I get into contact with them? It is impossible to talk to someone through their phone number, and I can't find another one for them. Is it really bad_service that hey, I can't pay for my stuff, and hey, I am getting into debt trouble? They could have let me know before I signed up! I want to just send the book back, I have never read it yet, it is still in it's box!

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