You Are Asking The Wrong Person (forevrflynhigh) wrote in bad_service,
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This is my first post to this community, it is more of a question than anything else. I am a regular at a Second Cup near my house. I always order the same thing every single morning. However, I am ALWAYS charged a different amount sometimes $4.19, sometimes $4.23 and sometimes $4.77 now I don't mind paying for my drink (obviously), but is it right for them to always be charging me different amounts? I finally brought it up today to one of the barista's and she replied "well, obviously not everyone is charging you the correct price." Well no kidding!! thanks genius. This would be like me going to Mc Donald's everyday and them charging me a different price for the same size fries. Anyway, I go to this place everyday and I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but isn't this kinda ridiculous? Any suggestions as to what I should say, or should I just leave it be?
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