Rose (aspencreek) wrote in bad_service,

Know what I've noticed?
I've noticed that more and more companies are printing out statements or bills, and then sitting on them to mail them. I get statements or bills a lot of the time now that were printed up to 2 weeks* ago, mailed 1 week ago, and only now reaching me. Sometimes they might have a time limit in there too, like "If you don't respond in 10 days..."


But here is a true story, I got a bill that was printed out June 24, 2006, I looked on the envelope and it was finally mailed June 28... and then the Post Office, didn't even get it to me until TODAY, July 3, 2006.
What's up with the post office taking forever too? Grrr. (It was mailed locally and you usually can get mail locally within one day or two.)

But my whole point is, I really think that businesses sit on printed statements to perhaps leave you little time to deal with whatever they are sending to you. Hoping to get some interest or defaults or something. >:(
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