emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Ok, Im upset

Edited a tad because I sound overly cranky

We went into a restaurant-a friend and I. I ate, she did not. This was a cheap little buffet thats actually pretty good.

Firstly, we have done this before-came just the two of us and only one ate or brought a small group and one/some people did not eat. Its a huge place and never busy. Its never been a problem before. I go all the time to this place and have really loved it in the past.

At the end of the meal, they charge us for two buffets. \
We go explain that she has not eaten a single bite and just came to chat with me. Mind you, I didnt even let her eat off my plate during the time period-I swear on all that is holy that she did not eat.

They get really pissy. The waitress swears she say my friend eat a plate. I dont know HOW she could have gotten confused-we were one of like, two tables, I ate about three plates, she cleared those three single plates and stood around looking at us because they were so dead. Its not like she had a bunch of tables or was busy...and she only cleared three plates the entire (very short) time we were there.
But the managers get all smug and pissy like they just caught us stealing and lying.
Hell no-she didnt eat a thing...she never even moved from her place. The waitress still swears that she directly watched my friend eat. Which is a flatout direct lie.
We basically say she ate nothing and there is no way we are paying because their waitress is mistaken. (yes, I was still polite enough to say mistaken). They get really angry and say that if we arent eating then just not to come and **lectures on a bit**
Basically, they asked us not to return.

Its the first time ever that I left absolutely no tip-and damn, it felt good.

I hate confrontation-especially when I am being accused of being a liar and a thief :(

And like we would need to steal a freaking 5 dollar dinner anyways.

And these were the same people (two people involved) who I had seen a million times before in which we had pretty much been model customers-I mean, its not like we were strange faces or troublemakers who never tip and steal or something.

I will find myself a new cheap lunch place and tell all of my friends to never go back again (even though I am realistic and I know that wont hurt them or anything, but it might make me feel better!)
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