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not quite bad service... but annoying to say the least
i ebay quite a bit. i love it....

recently, i put a bid on a pair of DKNY  (PROMINENTLY MARKED as LADIES size 9) jeans.

All through the description, it said Ladies. Not misses, not juniors. LADIES
so i bid away and was delighted I won, since the type of jeans run about 50 bucks or more for a pair.

Well, i get the jeans, and go to put them on, and they didnt fit. (I wear a ladies 8)

I message the seller, and ask about it... and in TINY print at the top of the description, it says "juniors size 9"

never mind the fact that throughout the rest of the description in words as big as
THIS it says Ladies size 9

needless to say, i was upset, disappointed, and frustrated

when i questioned the seller about this, she went on a ramble about how women's jeans are even sized, and juniors are odd... (which is wrong..  because i have bought several pairs of size 10 juniors pants)

the seller then offered to send me HER pictures from the jeans, so I could resell them.....

i still left positive feedback for the seller, since the PRODUCT was good..... and she doesnt even leave anything for me....

*sigh*   people irritate me sometimes....
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