la bella puttana (teacuptempest) wrote in bad_service,
la bella puttana

I'm new to bad_service, but I have TWO issues...

I am 18 and am on the Pill so my Doctor of awesome told me I had to come in for a Pap smear. After she gave me more Pills [yey] I went to the front desk and asked for a longer than usual appointment, a month from the date that it was, and the recptionist asked why. I told her it was for a Pap smear so we'd need at least 30minutes for the whole exam as well as the new precription because by then I'd need a new lot of Pills. She said fine even though she was being distracted by some other moron in the office and they were busy so I thought nothing of it.

A week before my appointment they ring me up and tell me that they double-booked my doctor and could I please reschedule? Of course I know how Doctors have to be everywhere at once so I don't really care so I say yes, and she suggests the day after. Because Pap smears have to made a month in advance because of the demand I really didn't want to lose the appointment but I was working so I told her to pencil it in but I may have to call up and change it. She said that was fine and then confirmed the next day for it. I found out I HAD to work so I called her up, explained, and she was grumpy about it [I guess thats valid] and changed it to the next day at 11 for me because I didn't have work at all on Fridays.

So I do what is necessary before a Pap smear for me, which is a total all over shave for my bits, and gathering up all the Pills I've been on to show the woman, as well as getting hold of my other medical records. I show up on the day [bit of a travel but whatever] and I walk in and the Doctor is like "How are you, what are you here for?" and i tell her I'm for a Pap smear and she said "Well the receptionist has only booked you in for a 5-minute appointment, I can't even give you a b reast exam in that amount of time" and I was SEETHING. I went out there and the woman who I KNOW booked me in for it lied and told me that I'd only asked for a refill on my script. Bitch. But the Dr told her that she told me to get a smear so I would've said something and that if I hadn't had to come in today she would've been able to see three other patients, because I really didn't need to come in just for a new script of Pills [she can fax a script to the pharmacy]. Now I have to reschedule again but I'm too fucking busy, I have University and work and just life in general. UGH. And I really dislike that receptionist. I don't know what I can do but TELL HER REPEATEDLY and LOUDLY that I need a pap smear but you say it in the queue to her and everyone looks at you like '...slut' and I don't really think I should have to explain what I'm being done because shes just a fucking receptionist with no medical training. I should just be able to say "I need to see my gyno/GP and she says it will take this long" and she writes it down in the book. Which is all she's trained for.

I bought this camisole set but it had a size 12 price tag but it was definitely a size 10. So I got my receipt [I keep them ALL, seriously I have envelopes full, month-by-month] and went back there and explained to the woman serving me that I needed to go and get the right one. She told me that I could only have it back on my credit card, even though I paid with the savings part of it, not the credit account. Which is a pain because it was empty at that point and the money takes two days to go back on there so I would have to go away and come back, and its quite a drive with my boyfriend. I told her that I worked at Target and that the codes would be the same because I wanted the 12, which was on the barcode, and not the 10, that was on the clothes. I even asked her if I could have a coupon to just run in and swap it but no, she was hellbent on putting it back on my card. The whole time she was talking to this older woman behind her about what she did last Saturday night and it was SO unprofessional and she wasn't even really listening to me. So she put it back on my card and I couldn't even find the size 12 so I had to get another one, even though now the sale wasn't on so I had to pay 40% more. And on a $29.99 camisole thats a fair bit. But I put up with it and then went back and gave her the new one and she said "excuse me this isn't the same one" and I said "No I know, its a different one but its similiar, there were no size 12s in the other and I really need something like this for under my work blouse" and she went "well if its not the same we can't serve you here, join the queues for the normal registers" so I had to wait 20 minutes beside screaming children and their not-much-better parents for the girl to tell me that my card was rejected [no shit] so my boyfriend had to put it through on his. And then on the way out, the same woman told this other girl who had her reciept and was just swapping something over that she "couldn't put it back onto her credit card, you can only get a coupon". UGH I work as a Supervisor at Target, and Target is part of Coles-Myer just like K-Mart, so I know the basic rules! I swear I could've got a coupon, but even if I couldn't she was too busy goddamn gossiping to actually pay attention.

My boyfriend and I are always on the lookout for good CS because we both work it [hes a waiter and I'm at Target supervising the registers] and if we see it we definitely comment. Like if we ring up Telstra or the electricity company and the person helps us ojt a lot, we ask for their supervisor and give them a raving review. I don't like to think that only bad comments are given!
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