mya_detroit (mya_detroit) wrote in bad_service,


My husband and I go to a local bar once or twice a week. We know the staff well enough for "hello's," but are only on a first name basis with a few of them.

Yesterday, we stopped in for a beer. My husband requested a menu, and when the bartender handed it to him, he spilled my entire beer all over my pants/ shirt. I jumped up and stood there holding my now-see-through white shirt away from my tits so I didnt give the crowd a peep show. The bartender said, "Nice save."

Then he cleaned the bartop and threw one cocktail napkin in my direction. He put a new beer in front of me and walked away.

I was still standing there holding my shirt.

No apology. No free beer. No remorse. I think he might have been drunk?

And I know what you are all thinking, "why didnt you raise hell?" The answer is, I didnt want to look like a prick in a place that I go all the time. It was one of those situations where he was the asshole, but me raising a stink about it would have made me look like the asshole. The owner is always flirting with me, so I thought about telling him what happened, but then I considered that I would be the bitch who got the bartender in trouble.
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