^v^Krista^v^ (citizensugark) wrote in bad_service,

UPS error or JC Penneys error

I ordered something online from JC Penneys with a gift card.
The e-mail I got giving me all my info on my order from jc penneys was correct. But when the day that it was suppose to be here came and went no package,no e-mail telling me that the info they(UPS) got was wrong,no phone call. So my packages was in limbo at a drop off department in Austin when I live in San Antonio.

I went to the JC Penneys website and everything was correct(thinking I might have put in something wrong). Then I went to the UPS website which told me that there was something wrong with the address. Ok no problem trying to fix this problem turned into a bigger problem.
I had to call customer service and get it fixed.
The problem was they(JC Penneys) left out my apartment number.
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