amiee_271 (amiee_271) wrote in bad_service,

soo, i went to walmart today
i had a bag of coconut creme hershey kisses and 2 glass plates. its pretty busy there so i see the express lane, and theres only 2 people in line. all happy now, i head over and stand in line.
and stand in line...
and stand in line...
there was a man at the 1 express counter in the entire walmart (10 items or less) buying 50 $25 dollar gift cards... $1250 of gift cards
as they have to scan and authorize all the gift cards, it takes forever, and then theres a problem with the check or something.
after 20 minutes of waiting, i give up and get in a line with 10 people in front of me, 5 of which had pretty full carts. 10 minutes later, i walk out of walmart with my 2 plates and hershey kisses, and the man with the gift cards is still at the express lane

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