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Growing Rose

My story takes place on prom night. Great start, eh?

The prom I was attending started at 7:45 (well, the Grand March in did, but it took until 9:30 for my boyfriend and I to get in). We had our group of twenty four booked in at 4:30 at the restaurant. BF and I showed up fifteen minutes late, at 4:45 where we were seated by the mother of an old friend of mine.

A bit of background info: Said mother liked me for all of about three months and then started to hate me. Good enough reason, but this was three years ago.

It took the waitresses about a half hour after we arrived to start getting orders. All I had gotten was a salad. (Chicken caesar.) The time is now about 5:15pm. At the time that we had arrived, there was twenty out of our twenty four.

The food did not start even coming out until about 5:50pm. My friend Maggie and I were supposed to be in another city to do our makeup with another friend who was coming along. So I asked for our food to get boxed so we could go. Then they took forever to get that done.

Maggie wanted to stay and fight, but I told her we did NOT have time. So I borrowed her cell phone and called my mother to let her know what had happened. (My mother is an expert when it comes to bad service. Like the time a department store had said her order was in, but it wasn't when she went to get it.)

She calls and gets the mother. My mum recognizes the voice as the two of them had talked previously since her son had lived with us for awhile. Talk a few minutes and then call me back on Maggie's cell.

Now, my mother is mad at me 'cause she thought I'd lied to her. Then she stops and looks at the times she was given. Apparently, my date and I hadn't arrived until 5:30, they had taken the orders at 5:45 and she said the food took about fourty minutes to make.

Mum checks the caller ID and it registers the cell phone at 6:05. I have my food in my lap. There is no way that's right.

Mother and I went over on Tuesday to talk to one of the other managers there. This is when I find out that according to the other mother, the general manager didn't know it was prom. Bull. The place is uptown, in a mall with open windows. THREE high schools are around it. My prom was the last one of the week. There is NO WAY the general manager could miss that.

So apparently, the general manager overbooked. In the section we were sitting in, there was a table that never had anyone seated at it.

My mother also said that she had spoken as if "they were just kids" so it didn't matter. That woman KNOWS I am twenty. Ridiculous.

Also, the manager we spoke with thought it was stupid that we didn't get an offer of a discount or anything. She took our names and numbers and is going to pass it along to the general manager. We haven't heard anything yet. I'm uptown a fair bit, so I'll be able to drop in if I haven't heard in about a week.

On an amusing point though, I could still taste and smell the scallops my boyfriend had eaten after the first slow dance. Ew. :P

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