lifewasbeautifl (lifewasbeautifl) wrote in bad_service,

Dear the Very Sad Mickey D's on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, GA,

"Please tell the driver in the other lane to drive around," is not an acceptable closing. I'm sorry this is the lunch rush. I'm sorry you're apparently so short-staffed that you can't spare someone for five minutes to hang a sign on your second, non-working drive-thru speaker that says, 'Hey - we're a really crappy McDonald's. Drive around, this speaker doesn't work.'

I'm sorry the driver in the second line is hanging out of her big silver minivan--oh, I'm sorry, I meant Porsche SUV--and honking angrily, because God knows it would take common sense to pull around after five minutes pass. I'm sorry I drive an older car with a stuck passenger window, so that I can't easily lean over and holler, 'Hey, Lady! You paid too much for your minivan!'

No, I will not be getting out of my car and telling the woman in the silver minivan to drive around. I waved her on--it was a good wave, a big, arms-motioning wave, but it did not deter her. She frightened me, I did not want to engage her in conversation, and anyway, screw you, McDonalds. It is not my job to get out of my car in the drive-thru and talk to your pissed-off customers.

Just give me my McRipOff Southern-style Chicken Sandwich, I'll pay you, I'll say please and thank you - that's the extent of our relationship. Want to pay me a consultancy fee? Then we can talk. Here's a tip for free: the two-lane thing? One bad idea.

Your ad campaigns are racist,

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