Kinston (kinston) wrote in bad_service,

We went to Walmart to get the oil changed in our car a few days ago, a half an hour before closing time. We didn't realize they closed so soon so we asked them if they still had time for us. They said they did, took our information and then our car, as per usual.

We went ahead and chatted with my mom, who works in jewely and we did our shopping. Blah blah blah. I guess we didn't realize how long we took because it was after auto closing when we finally made it back there to pick up our car, and there was no one around. We had my mom page a mananger back there so we could get our car and leave.

But oh! The manager coudln't find our car keys. Or the paper work for our car. Or anybody who worked in the auto department. We didn't know if our oil got changed, if our keys were locked in the car or if our car doors were left unlocked. So the manager immediately started freaking out and telling us we would get a free oil change for our troubles, blah blah blah.

An hour later they found our car keys. The girl in sporting goods had them, along with the paperwork showing that our oil has been changed. She rang us up and our total came to a little over twenty dollars. "The manager who helped us said that we would get a free oil change for our trouble." So she paged the manager who said that and she said no, that was only if we had to go in the next day for an oil change if it didn't get done.

So apparently the thirty minutes the next day waiting for an oil change was worth more than the hour we spent waiting for them to find our car keys. I was so fucking pissed off when I left there. Not to mention we had to walk the entire way around the Super Walmart in the rain to pick up our car because "ZOMG IF I LET YOU OUT THE AUTO DOORS, THE ALARM WILL GO OFF!!!!11one"

And people wonder why I hate Walmart so much. Oh and for the record-- the car doors were left unlocked the entire time.
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