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Bad Service Memory

I just read a post here about the Ford Dealership and thought I would pass on mine and my husbands problems with our own Dealership

We had to purchase a truck because at the time we were thinking of moving. We had currently in our possession a 2001 Malibu which seemed like every two weeks or so we were getting a recall slip on the car.

So hubby goes to the Toyota Dealership here in our town, of course leaving me to sleep for the day. He calls saying that they are doing the paper work and yada yada yada.

He told them plainly that his payments could only be 250 a month tops because we are on a single job budget. The girl assures him, oh we can do that and after spending almost the whole day up there he decides on a 2003 Dodge Durango. The lady assures him that the payments would be in our range and the car lot would pay off our old car. HUbby takes the truck, leaves the keys for the Malibu and comes home.

Here comes the bad service.

He got the truck on Saturday. He had to go back in on Monday to sign the other paperwork. Seems they were having issues with the credit which confussed us. The man stated that they had preapproved my husband without even knowing if he could get the truck or not.. Because of it being Saturday and so close to closing they let him have the truck to drive for the weekend. Well he then pulls out the paper work and low and behold our payments were not 250.00 like they promised and assured us they would be, the truck payments shot up to 385.00 a month. My husband was upset and looked at the man. ( now you have to rememeber he got the truck on Saturday like an hour before closing) My husband took the key out of his pocket and stated. I explained to the lady on Saturday that I could not afford no more than 250.00. She assured me that my payment would stay at that range. I am sorry but we have to return the truck and get my car back.

The man shook his head and looked at my husband and plainly said. I am sorry sir but you car is no longer here. It was sold."

I was floored. In two days they had conviently sold my husbands car without even knowing if we would be approved for the truck or not. When my husband questioned him about what would have happened if we didn't get approved and had to return it the man shrugged and said, Then you would be without a car. Needless to say my husband was very upset indeed.

Then we go to trade the truck in for a cheaper one. We have had it the allotted time but then we find out that the paperwork that was suppossed to be for payoff of our car was used to pile more payments onto the truck. Instead of oweing 9,000 on the truck like it was orginally told to us, we found out that we still owe 12,000. We have already paid a good deal on the truck but it seems it was used for intrest.

So we figure that we can get the thing refinaced through the company that we have it through. This is the conversation there. Thank goodness for duel phones.

H: Hubby
L: Lady at Finance Company

L: Thank you for calling blah blah blah
H: I need to speak to someone about my payments
L: What is wrong
H: I need to apply to refinance the payments so they can be lowered
L: We don't refinance the payments.
H: So the payments can't be refi..
L: No *phone goes dead*

Hubby calls his grand dad coz he used to own a car dealership to find out what is going on. He told hubby to get the finacial charge for the truck and call him back.

So here we go again

H: Hubby
M: Man at Finance Company

M: Thank you for calling
H: Yes I need to get my finance charge on my truck
M: What for
H: I am trying to get refinaced and I need the rate please.
M: WE can't give out that information. *phone hangs up again*

We call grandfather back and he tells hubby to call them and explain to them, they have to give us the APR on the truck because they are breaking the law by refusing to do so.

H: Hubby
L: Man at Finance Company

L: Thank you for calling blah blah blah
H: I need to get my APR rate please
L: We don't give out that information
H: Mam, I don't know the ruling of your company but you are breaking the law by refusing to give me my rate. I really don't want to have to press charges.
L: Please hold.
*music plays*

L: I need your account number
H: *gives account number off payment book
L: You are late a month in payment
H: No mam.
L: Yes you are
H: *tells me to get money order recipt along with the delivery conformaion.*
L: *huffs in the phone very rudely* Your rate is 18.5% *slams phone down in husbands ear.*

When we tell grandfather again he is very upset. Never in all his years has he ever heard of a rate that high on a vehicle. He told us to use a secondary finance company which in calling the place back they told us we could refinance through a secondary site. Thing is no one wants to refinace us due to the high APR on the truck. I guess his granddad was right. Some car lots jack up your prices so high that you are forced to let the vehicale be repoed and then they place it back on the lot to be sold again. That's how they make their money.
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