Damia Meru (lenne_renne) wrote in bad_service,
Damia Meru

Sorry We Missed You!

Lately we have been having trouble with out internet dropping our connection, so my boyfriend calls up Cox last friday. Explains the situation Cox tells him they will send a technician to check it out between the hours of 1-3 pm on monday.
So I wait around all day with his little sister waiting for the cable guy to show up. The time frame comes and goes still nothing, no calls, no knocks on the door, we are both in the living room on my computer. 
So around 4:30 Boyfriend's little sister has to leave for dance practice she opens the door and lo and behold we have a "Sorry we missed you" slip handing on the door.
Mind you we expected the Cox guy to be late since they always are what we didn't expect was for them to show up not even knock or call and just leave a notice on the door and leave.
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