Asylum Inmate (asyluminmate) wrote in bad_service,
Asylum Inmate

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Charged you how much?

Dear Local Staples:

$400.00 and a whole week to press a single key back into a laptop keyboard???
You didn't even have to get a part, she brought you the key that had come loose!
No wonder your former customer was pissed when I informed her the entire unit isn't worth that, and a complete replacement keyboard would have cost her $15.00 plus tax.

She told me she was going back for a refund and if she doesn't get it she's calling a lawyer.

Your current "tech", the guy our shop wouldn't hire for lack of qualifications, really shouldn't bad mouth our tech shop to your customers because eventually it will come back and bite you in the ass.
Whoops. Guess it just did.
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