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Am I out of line for thinking that I should get reimbursed for shipping? Here's the emails that I sent to the company, along with their responses.

My first email: I purchased a Taylor scale in September 2005. I've had no
problems with it and I really think it's a great product. However,
yesterday the scale was indicating that the battery was low, so I took
out the battery and purchased new ones. When I went to put the new
batteries in, I found that the little silver part that hold the
batteries in had fallen off. Is there a way to replace this part? If
not, is there a way to rig it so that the battery stays in place? I
model number 7006 1605 v2525. I still have the metal piece that broke
off. Can I super glue it back on?

Their first response: Sorry, you are having problems with your Taylor Lithium Scale Model
7006. The people of Taylor Precision Products take great pride in
producing quality products. Taylor Model 7006 has a life time warranty.
Please remove the new battery, return the scale to Taylor. Taylor does
not require a receipt or the original box. Please enclose a brief note
with your name, return address, explanation of problem. Kindly put the
note inside a box with the scale, return to the following;

Taylor Precision Products
2220 Entrada del Sol
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Attn: Mari Cruz - Scale Repair Dept.

Once your scale is received it will be replaced with a new Taylor Model
7006. Taylor than will mail the new scale back to the consumer. Turn
around time of two to three weeks. I hope this information proves to be
helpful to you.

My second email: Wouldn't it be expensive for me to send out the scale? It's going to cost at least $10 to send it out, since it's pretty heavy. I only paid about $20 for the scale. I'm just wondering if it would be easier and cheaper to just send a new one to me or a reimbursement check.

Their second email:The warranty that comes with the scale states that the scale can be returned to Taylor prepaid. Taylor will replace the scale with a new scale at no charge, Taylor than will mail the scale back to the consumer. 

My third email: OK, so how do I send out the scale prepaid? 

Their third email: Prepaid means you are responsible for shipping the scale to Taylor. The cheapest way possible no need to insure.

My fourth email: Am I getting reimbursed for the shipping?

Their fourth email: No, it’s your responsible to get the scale to Taylor. Taylor than will replace the scale with a “New Scale” at no charge, Taylor than will mail the new scale back to the consumer. 

My fifth and final email: I don't think I'm going to bother. I'll just go and buy a new scale that I can use right now instead of paying for the shipping.

They have not responded. Am I being unreasonable? I was confused when they said "prepaid" because to my knowledge, prepaid would mean that they would send me some sort of envelope or packing sticker and I'd send it to them. *scratches head* So confused.

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