Aeire (aeire) wrote in bad_service,

Office Depot Part the SECOND!

TODAY my dvd drive in my computer decided it didn't want to play dvds anymore. This made me sad, as I had just gotten The Little Mermaid on dvd in the mail, and I wanted to watch it - but that's BESIDE THE POINT. I needed a new dvd drive, and therefore scampered off to give Office Depot a second chance.

I went in, wandered back to the glass cases, and within 30 seconds someone walked up and asked if they could help me, I said I needed a dvd drive from the glass case, they said they'd go send someone, and not 30 seconds after THAT another guy showed up, unlocked the case, asked me if I needed anything else, I said no, and he gave me the dvd drive and walked me up to the front where I waited in line for about another 30 seconds and paid for my drive, which is now in my computer and installed and running beautifully.

So go figure - they must have been having a bad day the other day. I was hoping that was the case - I *like* shopping at that OD - it's not more than a five minute drive from my house. ^-^

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