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Bad service, but not personal

There is an Exxon station near where I work. It has 8 double sided pumps, so can service 16 people at any given time. In the past this station has had problems with running out of gas imediately after rush hour, but they got that portion of poor planning under control and now have their schedule so that they have gas 90% of the time I pass them.

2 weeks ago I went for a fill-up, pulled up to a pump, saw a little hand written sign saying that the card reader was busted. I thought nothing about it and moved on with my life.

Today, I was on my motorcycle, there were only 2 pumps there open so I went to the first one, which happened to be the same pump. I didn't notice the sign due to the wind flapping it upside down, I did when I got off the bike though.

The pump in front and to my right was open so I pushed the bike over there and it had a sign that said the PIN pad was busted. So, I figured since the PIN (all caps) pad was busted I would just use a credit card as opposed to the debit which would require a PIN. Nope... the side btutons were busted also.

I see it pop up the question of debit / credit, try canceling, someone inside sees me and cancels the thing, I wave, they wave. I assume that's my wave of - go ahead, fuel and come in and pay... nope... that was the wave of "that one's broken, you gotta pay before you pump gas."

*sigh* - so I look at the line, which is out of the door at this point, and I see another pump open up. I push the bike over to this one, it works except the pump is insanely slow...

So, all in all, not directed bad service, just poor service due to them not repairing their pumps or shutting down the ones that are inoperable.

It would take one little yellow bag on the pump that says "Out of Service" to prevent people from attempting to use the 2 busted pumps, or a little sign that says "prepay inside only", but as I filled up my tank I watched 2 people pull into the first one, realize it was inoperable with a card, and move on. My tank being 2 gallons and that taking 1 minute or so, I'd have to say they're causing about 20 people an hour to waste their time.
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