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Dear Utility company

A few years ago, my senile, freak-lady landlord tried to throw me out of my rental. [honest to god she tried to evict me for dating because she didn't like men.]
When the law told her she couldn't do that [She called the police and tried to have them throw me out. They laughed in her face.], she had the power cut so I wouldn't use any more of "her" power. [even though I was paying the full utility bill myself, it was still in her name].
So I came to the utility and asked you to turn it back on in my name and explained that I would only be in the place for one more week.

The nice lady at the help window explained what I had to do, including the need for a full deposit to turn the power on in my name [standard procedure] and what I would have to do to get the balance of my deposit sent back to me.

Thank you for turning the power on that day, in spite of the crazy lady putting a lock on the utility box. Thank you for cutting it off and telling her she wasn't allowed to do that because the utility owns the box.

Unfortunately for me, I moved out of the area after that last week so I wasn't around to harass you in person when my deposit money wasn't forthcoming.
Unfortunately for me, someone at the utility was a complete and total cocksucker and sent my remaining money to the miserable crone who illegaly threw me out of my former rental.

Then when I called to find out why my money hadn't been sent to my forwarding address which I had been assured would be no problem, you tried to pretend you had no idea what I was talking about. Not only did you SUPPOSEDLY have no forwarding address for me but you now claimed that there had been no power switching at the rental address at all.
When I finally did get someone on the phone who was willing to actually discuss the issue, I was told that the OWNER of the property had made claims to the money and so it was given to her.

1. Let's see the legal paperwork that says this bitch has any right to my cash.
2. Why the fuck was my money sent to my FORMER address which was clearly listed as the property I would be vacating? That's why the power was due to be shut off you clueless fucks.
3. I KNOW that you either deleted, altered or ignored the existing record of the shut off in order to allow the bitch to avoid another reactiviation fee. That's real sweet.

I KNOW why the old bitch got my cash. Because you redneck yokels are all related to each other and she came in bitching about me to someone she knew who just 'fixed' things for her by handing her my fucking money.
I did not owe her one red fucking cent and had I WANTED to I could have stayed in the rental and sued the dentures off the old bitch for breaking a legal lease, having the power turned off, theft etc.

You owe me. I needed that cash desperately at the time and could still use right now.
Here's hoping the karma fairy kicks each and every one of you ignorant fucks in your proverbial nutsack.
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