careyliz (careyliz) wrote in bad_service,

This is on behalf of a friend of mine.

Let's call her Sally.  Sally has a really cool heating pad type thing...  basically it's full of liquid, with a metal tab inside.  You click the metal tab, and it causes a reaction which heats and hardens the liquid.   And it stays solid even after it cools, until you boil it, at which point it is liquid again, and will stay that way until you need it.  She got it at an *adult* toy party, even though its really just a heating pad, it is shaped like a heart... that and it's name are the only thing *adult* about it.

On to the bad (or creepy) service.

Recently Sally has been having a stiff neck each evening, so she would boil it and leave it out each morning, ready for when she got home.  She lives in an apartment complex, and for some reason their maintenance people needed to come in and do some work...  When she left for work, the heart pad was on the kitchen counter, boiled and ready to go.  When Sally got home?  It was in the living room, solid as a rock.

Meaning someone (it would seem the maintenance people) must have used it...  probably in the living room.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm...
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