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Why I hate my apartment building

The people who own my apartment building are driving me absolutely nuts. They are converting the apartments into condos, so understandably, they are making a few changes. One of these changes is resealing the parking lot. Ok, it's a nuisance, but whatever, I can deal with parking really far away for one night. It was supposed to be done last Tuesday. But then it rained for a half hour Tuesday morning.

The next day, we got a note saying that the resealing has been rescheduled for Friday due to weather, so we have to move our cars out of the parking lot by 7AM Friday morning. I could understand that, even though they probably could have done it on Tuesday if they really wanted to because it didn't rain very long or very hard and it dried up very quickly. Friday came, and it was perfect out. An absolutely gorgeous day. 72 degrees out with not a cloud in the sky. I get home from work on Friday and the parking lot still hasn't been done! We got another note saying once again due to bad weather, we need to find somewhere else to park our cars on Monday. I am getting so irritated. I'm sick of having to walk a mile to my car because they can't get their act together.

This isn't the only dumb thing they've been doing lately. The person next door to us moved out, so they've been renevating her apartment for the last week and a half. I get woken up at 8 in the morning every morning to "THUNK THUNK THUNK, EEEEEEEEERRRR, EEEEEEEERR" and I'm getting really tired of it. They also keep coming in our apartment to fix things and keep breaking things while they're at it.

They came in to replace the thermomitor for our central air and managed to break the airconditioning on the hottest weekend of the year yet. It was 95 and humid. Of course they did this on a Friday night so it didn't get fixed until the tuesday after that. Then they were using our power outlet to recharge things, AKA stealing electricity from us since we have to pay for it, and they blew all our circuits.

Then there was the morning I woke up and wandered out to the bathroom while wearing only a t-shirt only to be confronted by 4 Polish guys who didn't speak English. Apparentl they were replacing our water tank or something. Of which they failed to inform us. I also walked in on them showing our apartment to prespective buyers. They didn't tell us they were coming in our apartment to do this.

I am just so tired of living here. These people need help on managing an apartment.
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