Honey Blade (honey_blade) wrote in bad_service,
Honey Blade

Darrel Lea Chocolates..

...are god's gift to everyone x.X

However, last week when I wasn't feeling particularly good, I decided, since we were in town, to get some of these delightful chocolates.

The DL shop is located in a newsagency in a shopping centre, that goes from one 'alley way' to the next. It's a long store. Anyway, on one side is the DL shop, and directly beside it is another checkout for the newsagency *with scratch-it's, Lotto etc*

I go have a look, and decide to get some Chocolate bullets and go to the DL checkout. The woman is on the phone talking to someone about 'sending them chocolates', I can only guess it's some sort of bulk buy order. She then tells me to go to the other register and points behind me.... to the Newsagency Register. I shrug since hey, she's busy right? So I head over and wait in line behind 3-4 other people.

I turn around to see what my mother was doing.... and low and behold... there she is, checking out someone whilst still on the phone.

I put the chocolates down and left.

I don't know, maybe it's me or something, but this was the second incident of rudeness in about 2 weeks. First time was at the newsagency section *but on the other side of the store*, and I stood there, with a book, waiting to be served.. she saw me there, several times... but served 5 FIVE other people ahead of me and wouldn't let me say 'HEY I"M HERE FIRST!!!' cause dammit I would have screamed it if she didn't serve me when she did. I would have put the book down if I didn't want it so much x.X *'The September 11 Photo Project book'*

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