Кевин (mmn) wrote in bad_service,


Here is some rather bad service if I say so myself.

I'm with 3 for my mobile (this is important not just an advert), I managed by some bizzare twist of the laws of physics to crack the LCD screens on my phone, so I rang three who happily said they'd collect my phone that day from my work as they don't have an in-shop repair service. Ace I thought.

I called them back at about 4:30 asking where the courrier was and they gave me the number for Farceline, I rang them up and the reasonably nice woman on the other end in her best Southend-on-Sea accent said "the driver said your place is closed". I replied "Well the gates are open until at least 8-9 and seeing as I can see the main gates from here and about 7 lorries queued up to get in to the site it's safe to say everybody is still here and that we're still open for business", so she said "well I try and get you another for tonight (it being 4:40 now and my ass is out that door at 5) if not then Monday morning".

What shit, I'm paying for their service through my repairs and because the driver can't be arsed I've now been delayed a repair/replacement for a further 3 days when they would have got back to me today with a quote and my phone back on Tuesday, instead it looks like it'll be more like friday next week assuming the driver can get off his fat ass and deliver it, otherwise it's another monday morning job. I'd LOVE to just say "HEY MY EMPLOYER IS CLOSED I SHANT GO TO WORK TODAY" without stepping foot near my work, but I can't as I'd get the sack and yet he just gets away with it to annoy me again.
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