emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

I just dont get it

I went into a store today-a clothing store. We shopped for about 30 minutes before buying and going to leave...but no keys. I had them with me when I entered the store. Logically, they could only be in two places-the dressing room or shoes. Why? I carry my keys in my hands at all times and only set them down if I have a place to set them (like, a dressing room bench or next to a shoe)
I searched everywhere in the shoes and the dressing room. I asked at customer service and the dressing room multiple times (over the course of a long time period of course)
The employees acted so bizarre-firstly, they were extremely short and rude. Beyond that, they all seemed to try to make me think they werent in the store. Two of them flat out said that "No, you didnt leave them here, you dropped them in the parking lot"
1. No I didnt
2. How would YOU know that?!
I left a door unlocked on accident so we knew they werent in my vehicle. And we scoured the parking lot just to appease them and nothing there.
I fine combed all the store areas I had come close to again and then we left to give some more time for someone hopefully to find the keys. The employees all seemed adamant that there was no way the keys were in the store.
We left and went back about 20 minutes later and magically my keys were found-"A customer found them somewhere in the store"
I just dont get why they were so rude right away and blatantly acting like Im stupid because "No they arent in the store, you dropped them outside"
Which was untrue, so what did they have to gain by saying so? Were they trying to get rid of me? Sorry, but I had no other way to get home, and literally, they HAD to be in the store-I was polite and unintrusive in my looking around (like I didnt tear the shoe section apart or anything)
My friend thinks its fishy that we examined every area they could be as well as went to customer service, yet they magically showed up right before they closed.
I dont really have a theory on that, but I hate that they snapped at me and rolled their eyes when I politely asked if anyone had turned in any keys, as well as acted like I was a dumbass for thinking I left them in the store.

I am happy my keys are safe now :)

Edit-I feel like I should be adjusting what I said-firstly, I know I sound naggy, but really, it was over an extended time period, and only to customers service and the dressing room attendant (asking permission to go back in and look) and I knew they were in the store. ANd even if they did think I lost them somewhere else, which Im sure they get, I dont think the rudeness was justified, or the blatant sighs of "you dropped them in the parking lot" (as if they watched me do it even though it didnt happen **eyebrow** )

Edit AGAIN-Apparently I am blaming the employees and store for losing my keys. NO. I know its my fault for losing them. I know its a bad habit to hold your keys. I accept responsibility for that. My complaint is the rude service as well as bizarre insistence IMMEDIATELY that I had dropped them in the parking lot and they couldnt possibly be in the store. Once again, I am not shrieking that the employees caused me to lose my keys and I fail to see how thats in my original post at all in the first place.
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