sunshade_ (sunshade_) wrote in bad_service,

A Biggie Bad Attitude

Yes, I did hear the news story before going to Wendy's for lunch. Biggie is now medium. I have been going to the same Wendy's for years because it is next to work. Last week after the size change I went in and ordered the usual, a sandwich and a medium drink by force of habit. I thought the price was a bit high, but I figured it was because I ordered a new frescata sandwich for the first time. When I was handed the drink I was surprised at first at how large it was. I hadn't eaten anything all day and was admittedly a bit spacey. I said I didn't want a drink that large I wanted a medium. Her reaction is what got my attention. She was clearly annoyed when she said, 'this is a medium'. I then remembered the menu change and between being annoyed at her attitude and the menu change I decided to ask for a correction.

It may be a small matter but, I don't drink much soda and a biggie is just too big (and 84 more calories according to there web site nutritional information, that still has a ‘small’ listed as a medium). Not to mention I was annoyed at the menu change because it was confusing and I didn't want to reward them for that by giving them extra money, be it a small amount. So, when I told her my confusion and asked, politely, for a correction she practically threw the 'small' soda in my face and then pretended I wasn't there. When she didn't even offer to correct the price I was really getting annoyed. When I tried to ask for the change she didn't respond and finally another worker, I believe a supervisor, came over and gave me my quarter. She was not very polite about it either. When I said 'Thank you very much, I appreciate it' in my attempt to calm matters, she pretended like she didn't hear me and didn't say a thing. At that point I wanted to throw my drink at the both of them. I can understand getting annoyed with the food starved spacey customer, but at least have some patience right after the menu change. I can’t say I expect great service at a fast food restaurant, but I don’t expect someone to be that down right rude. Especially since I have eaten there at least 3 times a week for the last 4 years (and haven’t been back since).

Thanks for letting me vent!
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