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The downtown area of the city I live in has a pedicab service. These pedicabs will take you just about anywhere downtown. A major plus about the pedicabs is that they are free, but my friends and I always tip well.

Last week we wanted to go from the main street downtown to a large park not too far away, about a 15-minute walk, usually 5 minutes on a pedicab. We would have just wandered up the street until we found a pedicab but we were tired so we called the service and asked them to send us one. They said okay. The pedicab took about 30 minutes to arrive. That was pretty much ridiculous, but we were too tired to say anything and figured it probably wasn't the driver's fault.

So we get in and tell her where we want to go. As I said before, this ride is usually about 5 minutes. The driver somehow went some bass-ackwards way (going around her ass to get to her elbow, so to speak) to get us to the park, which made it take around 20 minutes. It would have been faster to WALK.

We get to the stop and get off. I give the driver $5 for the two of us, which is actually more than I usually tip, but I didn't have any ones on me. She stares at me, stares at my friend, and then goes, "Any more?" sticking her hand out.

My friend and I looked at each other in disbelief and then both claimed to not have any more money. The driver looks all exasperated and proceeds to yell at us, saying that it should be "at least $5 a person" but she will "let us off this time".

My friend still has the number of the service, so we called back to make sure that there was no specified rate that these drivers expected to be paid. Nope. We just happened to get a greedy bitch.

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