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save on foods

i went shopping at save on (in canada) the other day. i got a grand total of four items, and since the cashiers were all insanely busy, i went to the customer service counter (as i often do) to pay. the guy rang my purchases through, i paid, he gave me my change and receipt, and i was out of the store in like 3 minutes. nothing wrong with that.

when i got home, i looked over the receipt, as i'm always curious to know how many "points" i have. i was looking at the portion of the receipt where the items are scanned in, and i noticed several mistakes. first of all, i was overcharged for one item. next, the computer somehow didn't add up the subtotal correctly- yes, i know this is highly unlikely. i'm an electrical engineer and i know that computers don't make mistakes. but i added up the subtotal like 10 times with a calculator, and came to the conclusion that the subtotal on the receipt was definitely not correct. and mistake number three, the cashier charged me the subtotal amount, which does not have tax added on to it yet. despite the fact that i didn't have to pay tax, i still overpayed due to the incorrect subtotal and the one item that i was overcharged for.

now, i'm not exactly enraged over this and i don't necessary know if this constitutes bad service. but come on! three separate mistake on one order of only 4 items? that's pretty pathetic. makes me wonder how many mistakes are made when i buy a whole grocery cart full of stuff.
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